Singer/Songwriter - Fingerstyle Guitarist

David Harland has felt the pull of music all of his life. His music has been described as innovative, introspective and expressive.  David is a singer/songwriter and fingerstyle guitarist who is consistently exploring life’s landscape through words and solo guitar. He believes music holds the power to help us examine our lives and give voice to the things we’re feeling.

David's musical journey began at the age of 5 when he was gifted a plastic acoustic guitar for Christmas. This seemingly simple gift sparked a lifelong connection with guitar and songwriting.  By age 14 David was playing bass guitar, singing, and writing songs in a local rock band.

"Truly beautiful... I could listen to this for hours... Serenity". 
-Sarah Johnston, Acoustic Review 

During this time David discovered his love for the craft of songwriting and melody.  It was around this time that he began playing a lot more acoustic guitar and found it to be the perfect compliment to his evolving songwriting style.  It wasn't long before he became completely enamored with both acoustic guitar music, and heartfelt songwriting. During this time David was listening to artists like David Wilcox, Billy McLaughlin, Neil Finn, Michael Hedges, Nick Drake and many others regularly. Seeing and hearing the way these artists played and wrote completely changed his outlook on music and life I general.

“ Smooth - relaxing - like watching waves at the beach with a thunderstorm brewing in the background" -Michael Jeris, Guitar Review 

Soon David was prolifically writing songs and guitar music, integrating his love of words, melody and heartfelt emotion.  Listening to his music and virtuosic guitar playing will bring you to a place of hope, optimism, introspection, and exploration.  

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